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When I grow up…

“When I grow up, I will fly!”

said the three-year old,

to her mama

and her mama said,

“Keep dreaming dreams, like that.”

“When I grow up,

I want to be a tall ballerina!”

said the five-year old,

to her mama

And her mama said,

“Keep dreaming, dreams like that.

If you can dream it, you can do it!”

“When I grow up,

I want to have a dozen babies

and I will love them all

like you love me!”

said the seven-year old

to her mama

and her mama said,

“Keep dreaming, dreams like that.

If you can dream it, you can do!

Just don’t stop dreaming, dear.”

“When I grow up,

I will make clothes for fancy ladies,

In the biggest cities,

but I won’t go too far from here.”

said the ten-year old

to her mama

and her mama said,

with a funny smile,

“Keep dreaming, dreams like that.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Just don’t stop dreaming, dear.

Dream bigger and bigger,

bigger than you ever thought you could!”

“When I grow up,

I want to move far, far away”

said the thirteen year old,

to her mama

and with a tearful eye,

her mama said,

“Keep dreaming, dreams like that.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Just don’t stop dreaming, dear.

Dream bigger and bigger,

bigger than you ever thought you could

and no matter where you go,

I’ll always love you!”

“When I grow up,

I… I don’t know what I want to do,

but whatever it is

I sure hope it’s worth while!”

said the fifteen year old

to her mama

and with an assuring smile, her mama said

“Keep dreaming, dreams

like you’re still little.

If you have dreamt it, you can do it.

Just don’t stop dreaming, dear.

Dream bigger and bigger

bigger than you thought you could.

and no matter where you go or don’t go

I’ll always love you

and love is what makes the flowers grow!”


Lost, but searching

How could this be?

Never good enough for a magazine

Maybe it’s my self-esteem,

Or maybe it’s Maybeline?

We’ve prodded, poked,

taken and sewn

Yet some how I’m not perfect

Maybe I’ve just not done enough,

Or maybe it’s Maybeline?

“Enhance you natural beauty,”

“Add to your perfect glow,”

“This will only hurt a bit,”

” and hold still for just a moment”

How come their lies are still alive

And turning pretty to plastic?

How come nobody told me?

How come no one spoke up?

Maybe it’s a little lie,

or maybe this is Maybeline?

These Young Feet

These young eyes will see the world,

And things that you never will

This young mouth will boast great things and great dreams

These young dreams will carry her to tomorrow

This young body will stride and strut its beauty

and this young face she will cover with color

These young ambitions will guide her to this world’s success

This young brain will strive for answers

This young mind will make her theology

and set her thoughts firm in what she believes

And these young feet will take her on a journey she may never even recognize

All while those old eyes watch

and those old lips whisper




Though those young feet travel

and the old eyes watch

It is always that whisper

in the back of her head

that kindly reminds her

in correction.


and wisdom.

She hears the whisper clear to the days

when she will whisper to the young feet

as they travel away…

Proverbs 19:20

Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.



Each year I make these wonderful resolutions and dream of this beautiful year to come.  For me, I dream of running, school getting easier, going on that mission trip, getting my permit, kidneys healing, pain leaving, flying pigs and dancing on the moon!  I realize that it’s good to be optimistic, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment.

I’ve had years where all the wonderful things I dream of seemed to come true(with exceptions, I’m still on earth) and I’ve had years when it felt like every day, every hour, every moment, of that year was filled with misery and disappointments.  I don’t know what this year will bring me, but I do know that whatever it is, I will survive it.  I’ve decided, that even though, it looks sunshiny and rosy now, this year may end up to be full of tears, but I will choose to rejoice in it either way.  I choose to obey that small God voice inside my head, teaching me and guiding me.  I choose to learn how to speak God’s word with power.  I choose to thank God for the blessings He gives and the trials that come, because they will grow me and in the end, everything will be ok.  Romans 8:28 NKJV “And we know that all things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Happy New Years!

You're all for peace, 
Until there's something you want.
You're all for love, 
until they tick you off.
You're all for "doing good," 
Until it's time to return it.
You're all for advice, 
Until it's time to receive it.
You're all for the truth, 
Until you've got something to hide.
You're all for forgiveness, 
Until they've gone too far,
You're all for patience,
Until you've waited a while.
You're all for being faithful,
Until you see someone better.
You're all for self control, 
Until you just can't take it.
You're all for joy,
Until something goes wrong.
You're all for work,
Until it's you turn.
You're all for Jesus, 
'Till you're not in control.

We Want More

Dear disgusted people,

What if I was to share a revolutionary idea with you!   What if it’s our fault?  All the sad things that we see famous people doing and we say how wrong that is, what if it’s our fault?  For instance, everyone was in an uproar over Miley Cyrus’s performance.  I was also disappointed, but I think that it is partially our fault.  Do you remember when Hannah Montana came out and every cool little girl watched that show?  Little girls all over wore long blonde wigs and sang, “you’ve got the best of both worlds.”  At the age of 15 yrs Miley Cyrus had her face of backpacks, PJs, erasers, and her face was plastered on posters.  But what is very odd to me is….. we bought that stuff.  Parents bought it for their children.  Did no one really ever think, “hmm, it is kinda odd to pay more for my child’s back pack just because it has someone’s face on it?  I wonder if this is affecting my child or the person on the backpack when my child stares at an artificial, photo-shopped face all the time and think that she wants to look like that?  I wonder…”

People say that they don’t worship idols and don’t have a statues of Buddha in their home, but those same people find nothing wrong with a large poster of Hannah Montana on their daughters wall?  Now the time of Hannah Montana has passed and she has been replaced by, Zendaya, Bella Thorne, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Bridget Mendler, Debby Ryan, Ross Lynch and One Direction.  All these people will pass from innocent teen Disney show stars, models, actresses, singers and into Miley.  Will it shock you when those people who your child has their face on their PJs does something like Miley someday?  (If they haven’t already)

Will you really freak out when Taylor Swift eventually cuts it just too close to a scandalous performance one of these days?  Did you really not see it coming?  Bella Thorne has been a professional model since she was a 5.  Are you going to be surprised when she is not that innocent  16-year-old Disney star anymore?

A line has been drawn in society as to say what is too far for celebrities and what is close, but ok.  The problem with this line is that it is completely ignored sometimes and other times everyone freaks out when it is passed, besides… everyone has a different idea of what crossing that line means.

Miley was praised for her childish Disney material love songs and then when she bumped it up and ditched Disney she was still praised for her much less innocent songs, she was praised for her border line inappropriate music videos.  She was praised for her explicit modeling and now isn’t what happened only the next step up from what she was praised for?  What if all she was trying to do was give us more, more of what we’ve been buying from her, her whole life.

All of the people I named above, have been on posters since they were children.  They are worshiped daily by millions of people.  Worshiped for this completely fake image that is set up for us.  Worshiped for their photo-shopped beauty and songs that encourage and share stupidity.  If we praise them for these things, then they give us more and we give them more praise, and they give us more, until they cross this line that we choose to draw too late.  They must be awfully confused when we freak out.   After all, they were just trying to give us even more of what our actions said we wanted.

Just Another Church Kid

My whole life I’ve been what I can best describe as a church kid.  You know, the kid who gets to church early and gets home late.  The teacher picks on you for most of the answers.  Your church is like a second home.  You know… that kid.

I became a Christian when I was about six years old, but really, a six year old doesn’t usually get the whole picture.  Yes, I accepted Christ into my heart and I understood that He loves me, but I mostly said the prayer cause, all my friends were.  “What can it hurt?” that was kinda my attitude.   I had no idea what a change and how big a commitment had just been made.  I had no idea how amazing God is and all the things He can do, in and through me!

Life went on and over all, compared to some, my life was pretty good.  I see that when I look back.  I definitely didn’t see it then!  I saw the fact that I was born into this lifestyle, that is good, but different  from alot of people.  I felt the pressure to live up to the expectations of those people whose eyes seemed to see your every flaw. ( at least that’s how I felt) I guess as I got older I realized that it isn’t normal for most people to be at church twice a week or more and I sudenly wanted to push away from anything that had to do with church or God.  I wasn’t even sure that I belived in this God, so why would I have anything to do with Him?  I was confused, so very, confused about it all!

I wanted to be like other kids and do whatever they were doing.  I was sure it was way cooler than what I was doing.  At this time I was about nine and you may be thinking that I’ve had plenty of time to learn about God so I shouldn’t have been doubting Him.  Well, my parents taught me about God and they were never pressuring or forceful.  My sunday school teachers, friends, and even random people at church taught me about God and the Bible, yet I questioned if He was real.  I saw God do miracles and I saw something special in the people around me who had accepted Christ and let Him take over their lives, yet I still questioned if God was real.

With my unlimited recources, I had it all, yet I still didn’t quite believe.  It wasn’t until I realized and admitted that I’m not saved because of my parents that it changed.  No one can give you a relationship with Christ and no teacher, preacher, parent or friend can truly teach you exactly who God is and what He can do in and through you.  That is your journey.  We must acccept Christ for ourselves.  We must discover for ourselves who God is.  We must be the ones to put time into making a relationship with our Savior.  It is your choice and only you can make it.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t been taught well and that’s why I questioned God.  I was on a journey that everyone takes.  A journey that I can’t really explain,  you’ll find out what it’s like for yourself.

I am now so thankful that I made the right decision,   Everyday God is doing new things in and through me.  The miricles I’ve seen, the things I’ve learned, the relationship, love and joy that Christ gives so freely each day amazes me.  I can’t imagine life without Jesus to hold my hand each step of the way and I am now so very thankful to have grown up a “church kid.”


This week I got a big surprise from my Aunt Lynda!  She nominated me for the Liebster award through her blog New Things!  Her blog is all about trying new things (which I love)!   She offers many different things on her blog from poetry, thoughts and hymns to recipes!  You can check out her blog by clicking the link:)

I was so excited about this blog award idea that I have decide to share it with a few of my favorite bloggers!

Here are the rules for participating with this award!

1.  Post the Liebster award graphic on your site.

2.  Thank the blogger who nominated the blog for the Liebster Award and link back to their blog.

3.  The blogger then writes 11 facts about themselves so people who discover their blog through the Liebster post will learn more about them.

4.  In addition to posting 11 fun facts about themselves, nominated bloggers should also answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated them.

5.  The nominated blogger will in turn, nominate 9 other blogs with 200 or less followers.

6.  The nominated blogger will create 11 questions for their nominated blogs to answer in their Liebster post.

Here it goes eleven facts about me –

1.  I have three awesome sisters and no brothers!


3.  My favorite color is light green.

4.  I write something in my journal everyday.

5.  I’m the auntie of an adorable two-year old!

6.  The beach is one of my favorite places on earth!

7.  I’m possibly addicted to pintrest…

8.  I love antiques<3

9.  I have a blog editor… my amazing mother (I pay her in chocolate)!

10.  I love music!

11.  I change my favorite song all the time, but today I really like “Strangely Dim”, by Francesca Battistelli!

Now to answer some questions from Lynda at New Things

1.  When’s the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and obeyed God when it didn’t make (earthly, human) sense to do so?

    When I was asked to speak at a women’s group at a local church and I was so scared!  It made no sense to me why God would ask me when I’m so shy, but God has a reason for everything and a lot of good definitely came from it and I learned a lot!

2.  What’s your favorite healthy snack?  Will you share a recipe?

      Celery and creamy peanut butter.

3.  Give me a tip for keeping my electric bill down in the summer.

      Use candles like the pioneers! Just kidding:)

4.  Will you share your conversion story?

I’m a church kid:)  I’ve grown up in church, I live in a Christian family and I had mostly Christian friends as a kid.  So, when I was five I accepted Jesus into my heart.  I was mostly just doing it cause all my friends were, it was a long road after that to when I discovered how deep a real relationship with Jesus is and even longer after that before I was able to fully give my life to Him and build a real relationship with Him.  I guess It was during the months when I was just out of the hospital and still hanging on for life, when I completely gave God my every breath and fully trusted Him and HIS timing!  Since then, life has changed and I’m so happy to be living everyday with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide my every move!

5.  How did you meet your significant other?

      I met Jesus at church when I was about five and we’ve been dating ever since:)

6.  What’s your greatest accomplishment?

     Pushing past fear!

7.  What’s your greatest fear?

      Letting fear become the controller and spiders.

8.  What is  your most significant loss?

     My grandparents.

9.  You have both money and time to spare.  You can do anything you want to do…what will you do with it?

I’ve always thought it would be super fun to go through a whole bunch of drive thru’s and pay for the person behind you.

10.  Are you a Bible marker?  Do you write in your Bible, or prefer to keep it unmarked?

      I’m a marker:)

11.  Share your top 3 favorite Bible passages/verses/lessons.

      My favorite verses are Romans 8:28, James 1:12 and  Romans 15:13!

Here are my nominations (click link to read their blog)

1. Paige Omartian the author of my favorite book Wake Up Generation has a very inspirational blog!  Wake Up, Generation

2.  Morgan Nicoles is the creator of Quite The Woman!  A magazine style blog for young women of faith!  I absolutely love the blog!  There aren’t many blogs that are for young women and offer good Godly advise and articles!  Definitely one of my favorite blogs to read!

3.  Old Fashioned Girls is written by Kerry, Megan and Katie!  I first found their blog when Megan commented on my blog! I fell in love with their blog and I’ve been a reader ever since!

4.  I’ve known Rachel for many years and when I found her sweet blog Rachel’s Reflections I loved it!  She writes about thoughts, inspirations and her life!

5.  It isn’t technically a blog, but It’s an amazing website for those with invisible illnesses.  This site was started by the author of “The Spoon Theories” and it holds lots of great stories, poems and resources written by many different spoonies!  A “spoonie” is someone whose life resembles “The Spoon Theory!”  It’s a great resource and I recommend checking out But You Don’t Look Sick whether you have an “invisible” illness or not!

6.  A New Hope Through Christ is written by my amazing cousin Charity!  Her blog is all about bringing you hope!  She even has a page with penguins all over it:)  You should check it out!

7.  Jefferson Bethke is a very talented speaker and writer.  I’ve learned so much from his blog and YouTube videos!  Definitely one of my favorite blogs to read and I love watching his YouTube videos!  I would love to hear him speak live one day!

8.  Emily Smucker, The Girl in the Red Rubber Boots!  I recently started reading this blog after my sister met her and recommended her blog to me!  Emily is the author of a book about her life struggles with a chronic illness.  I love her blog and as soon as her book arrives in the mail on Wednesday I’m sure I’ll love it too!

9.  I just started reading this blog today and I already love it!  Esta Faye has an amazing way with words!  I highly recommend this blog!

Now for some questions for my nominees

1.  Who or What inspired you to start blogging?

2.  What is the best YouTube video you’ve ever seen?

3.  What is the best quote you’ve ever read?

4.  What is you favorite book?

5.  What is one thing you really want to do before you die?

6.  Who is your biggest inspiration?

7.  Do you have any cool tips for blogging that you’ve learned?

8.  What is your favorite song?

9.  What is your favorite color?

10.  What is you biggest accomplishment?

11.  What is you favorite pass time (other than blogging)?

And that is all…  You can comment and let me know if you are going to pass the Liebster Award on, cause I want to see your answers! 

Keep going and have an amazing week……. 🙂 

Sometimes trials come our way and lately I’ve been fighting through some. Fighting… Some days it’s like I’m fighting for a life more than living it, but I had a revelation when this verse sunk in…

Pure joy and trials don’t really go together for me.  You make it through the trials and then there is joy, but God is saying no!  Count your trials pure joy for they will change you and make you better.  I’ve always thought that you just make it through the trials.  Fighting each day, but I honestly don’t think I can live another day just making it through!  I want to do more!  I want to live and make a change!

Really, how many people deeply apply this set of verses in trial.  “Words can’t describe how terrible I feel!  I am so blessed to be so deep in this pit of despair, anger and pain, cause I’m counting it pure joy and I know that I will develop perseverance from this trial.”  Yah, I don’t really feel that way in hard times.  I feel more like… “I’m worn out, I’m done!  God you can take it all away now.”

I don’t know about you, but I would love some perseverance; to be mature and complete, not lacking anything would be amazing!  What a great promise that such good can come from trials!

So, I’m trying to apply this verse more.  I’ve been considering it pure joy in moments of trials and I already see a difference!  It is hard, but it can be done!

The end of this month and most of April is filled with important doctor appointments in Portland.  I always stress out before the appointments and the days at the doctor honestly stink, but I’ve decided to challenge myself over the next two months to apply this verse deeply!  If you want to your invited to join me in this challenge!

The James challenge

  1. Consider all the trials to come this month pure joy.
  2. Hold onto all the promises in James 1:2-4 and James 1:12.
  3. Pray through these verses daily.
  4. Look for all the little good things in life.
  5. Recite these verses in times of trial or testing.

Join the challenge in James and share what God’s doing through it!

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