I can hear the tap clip, tap clip, tap clip of a typewriter.

To my little sister,

As much as I want to tell you, “beautiful don’t listen when they tell you who to be,” I won’t because it doesn’t matter all that much, the things I say.

I don’t feel the need to the pump you full of the phrases you will hear a thousand times, like”be yourself,” “hang in there,” and “follow you heart.” Pinterest and cat posters will give you your fill without my assistance. I can remind you to run from evil and seek out the truth with all you have and I will, but there’s so much more…

What about when you fall? You see, never in my entire life have I ever heard what to do when you forget to be yourself, when you can’t hold on any longer or your heart leads you down the wrong path for the thousandth time in a row. It may feel like you could fly straight forever, but eventually you will fall. That is life, that is humanity on it’s best behavior. The good news is that life is not about perfection, because perfection does not exist.  It is about what you do when you fall.

Everyone has a remedy for this plague. One claims to put you back on your feet, another will make your bruises heal, and this one will numb the pain. We try the antidotes one after another and we never find one that’s good enough or even works for more than a moment. Like a bunch of addicts we pop pills until the day we die, but that is not something that I want you to ever struggle with.

It may sound like white noise to many, but I say Jesus. Whether you fall or stand is not very important, because you are guaranteed to fall, rather it’s the hand you choose to hold in the darkness. The One you let pick up your pieces, that is what matters.