Sitting in the shadows with her own hand,
over her mouth.
Sitting in the shadows
can’t find a way out.
Sitting in the shadows
she cried,
because it was like
she already died.
All these years she’s been silent.
If her life had taught her anything
it was to be quiet.
If she had learned one thing it was to taste mild.
Silent and mild brought her in the shadows,
thought she craved the light.

To escape with life she needed to let go of the lies –
You were made to be silent.
You’re words don’t matter.
You’re not strong enough to stand up.
You’re just another girl, no one will listen to you.

But I say no more. No more silence. No more mild.
Let His truth seep into the dark spots we hide.
Let His truth bring freedom and His freedom bring love
and doesn’t love change everything?