mirror mirror on the wall

I cried mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s the fairest of them all

He whispered lies inside my head

He told me how to dress

And feel

He said I could be perfect

If I’d only listen

And I’m sad to say

I didn’t even question

Why or how he would do these things

I simply went along

And changed a few things

All so harmless they did seem

Then slowly I saw feelings change

Until I felt numb

to everything

Empty, lost and sad I found

My face so perfect on a magazine

And yet, I didn’t feel a thing

I looked around and saw these girls

Looking at me longingly

And trying just to be like me

If only they knew who I am inside

Just maybe they might change their mind

And for the first time I looked in the mirror

and asked a question, he could not answer

Mirror, mirror on the wall why and how did you do these things?

Can I go back to who I once was?

Can you fill back up my empty soul,

And give back feeling to these bones?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

I don’t want to be the fairest of them all…

I simply want to be real again