What fools we are,

to by our own strength,

lock ourselves away.


Our new ideas,

meant to advance,

have only set us back.


Our lies,

meant to hold off punishment,

will be exposed.

And in the time until,

our faults only grow.


We are  murders of the innocent;

justified by foolish excuses.

They may be believed by the ones you see,

but it is the one you don’t

that matters.


The whispers of the bound,

have reached His ears.


The inventor,

can see our inventions clearly.


He knows our lies,

and sees through our excuses.


All while He hears the cry,

of the innocent graves.


Who is willing,

to not let their sins,

lock them away

but to give away the key instead?


Who is willing?


Who is willing,

to step away,

from these man-made inventions;

created in the heart,

poisoning the whole body.


To go back to,

to the only laws,

that have ever worked.

It starts within each person.


The lies,

that poison each side.

Can’t we see our foolishness?


Who is protecting the innocent?

Who stands up for them?

What reasons do the governments have,

to end their lives?


If we will not stand up for them,

If we will not cry out,

on their behalf,

Who will?