Dear disgusted people,

What if I was to share a revolutionary idea with you!   What if it’s our fault?  All the sad things that we see famous people doing and we say how wrong that is, what if it’s our fault?  For instance, everyone was in an uproar over Miley Cyrus’s performance.  I was also disappointed, but I think that it is partially our fault.  Do you remember when Hannah Montana came out and every cool little girl watched that show?  Little girls all over wore long blonde wigs and sang, “you’ve got the best of both worlds.”  At the age of 15 yrs Miley Cyrus had her face of backpacks, PJs, erasers, and her face was plastered on posters.  But what is very odd to me is….. we bought that stuff.  Parents bought it for their children.  Did no one really ever think, “hmm, it is kinda odd to pay more for my child’s back pack just because it has someone’s face on it?  I wonder if this is affecting my child or the person on the backpack when my child stares at an artificial, photo-shopped face all the time and think that she wants to look like that?  I wonder…”

People say that they don’t worship idols and don’t have a statues of Buddha in their home, but those same people find nothing wrong with a large poster of Hannah Montana on their daughters wall?  Now the time of Hannah Montana has passed and she has been replaced by, Zendaya, Bella Thorne, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Bridget Mendler, Debby Ryan, Ross Lynch and One Direction.  All these people will pass from innocent teen Disney show stars, models, actresses, singers and into Miley.  Will it shock you when those people who your child has their face on their PJs does something like Miley someday?  (If they haven’t already)

Will you really freak out when Taylor Swift eventually cuts it just too close to a scandalous performance one of these days?  Did you really not see it coming?  Bella Thorne has been a professional model since she was a 5.  Are you going to be surprised when she is not that innocent  16-year-old Disney star anymore?

A line has been drawn in society as to say what is too far for celebrities and what is close, but ok.  The problem with this line is that it is completely ignored sometimes and other times everyone freaks out when it is passed, besides… everyone has a different idea of what crossing that line means.

Miley was praised for her childish Disney material love songs and then when she bumped it up and ditched Disney she was still praised for her much less innocent songs, she was praised for her border line inappropriate music videos.  She was praised for her explicit modeling and now isn’t what happened only the next step up from what she was praised for?  What if all she was trying to do was give us more, more of what we’ve been buying from her, her whole life.

All of the people I named above, have been on posters since they were children.  They are worshiped daily by millions of people.  Worshiped for this completely fake image that is set up for us.  Worshiped for their photo-shopped beauty and songs that encourage and share stupidity.  If we praise them for these things, then they give us more and we give them more praise, and they give us more, until they cross this line that we choose to draw too late.  They must be awfully confused when we freak out.   After all, they were just trying to give us even more of what our actions said we wanted.