My whole life I’ve been what I can best describe as a church kid.  You know, the kid who gets to church early and gets home late.  The teacher picks on you for most of the answers.  Your church is like a second home.  You know… that kid.

I became a Christian when I was about six years old, but really, a six year old doesn’t usually get the whole picture.  Yes, I accepted Christ into my heart and I understood that He loves me, but I mostly said the prayer cause, all my friends were.  “What can it hurt?” that was kinda my attitude.   I had no idea what a change and how big a commitment had just been made.  I had no idea how amazing God is and all the things He can do, in and through me!

Life went on and over all, compared to some, my life was pretty good.  I see that when I look back.  I definitely didn’t see it then!  I saw the fact that I was born into this lifestyle, that is good, but different  from alot of people.  I felt the pressure to live up to the expectations of those people whose eyes seemed to see your every flaw. ( at least that’s how I felt) I guess as I got older I realized that it isn’t normal for most people to be at church twice a week or more and I sudenly wanted to push away from anything that had to do with church or God.  I wasn’t even sure that I belived in this God, so why would I have anything to do with Him?  I was confused, so very, confused about it all!

I wanted to be like other kids and do whatever they were doing.  I was sure it was way cooler than what I was doing.  At this time I was about nine and you may be thinking that I’ve had plenty of time to learn about God so I shouldn’t have been doubting Him.  Well, my parents taught me about God and they were never pressuring or forceful.  My sunday school teachers, friends, and even random people at church taught me about God and the Bible, yet I questioned if He was real.  I saw God do miracles and I saw something special in the people around me who had accepted Christ and let Him take over their lives, yet I still questioned if God was real.

With my unlimited recources, I had it all, yet I still didn’t quite believe.  It wasn’t until I realized and admitted that I’m not saved because of my parents that it changed.  No one can give you a relationship with Christ and no teacher, preacher, parent or friend can truly teach you exactly who God is and what He can do in and through you.  That is your journey.  We must acccept Christ for ourselves.  We must discover for ourselves who God is.  We must be the ones to put time into making a relationship with our Savior.  It is your choice and only you can make it.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t been taught well and that’s why I questioned God.  I was on a journey that everyone takes.  A journey that I can’t really explain,  you’ll find out what it’s like for yourself.

I am now so thankful that I made the right decision,   Everyday God is doing new things in and through me.  The miricles I’ve seen, the things I’ve learned, the relationship, love and joy that Christ gives so freely each day amazes me.  I can’t imagine life without Jesus to hold my hand each step of the way and I am now so very thankful to have grown up a “church kid.”