What if love was every word I spoke to you?

What if I would have let you see what I belive?

What if I would have opened up?

Would everything be different now?

Would there be a better ending to this story?

If I would have just walked across the room…?

It could have only taken one kind word, one hug, to change the ending to this story.

One action of kindness, one smile could have changed the ending to this story.

What if the boy you smiled at this morning gained hope from that one gesture.  What if you would have frowned?  Would it have added to his depression and made him feel less than he is?

What if that frown you thought of as nothing was the picture that flashed through his mind while already depressed and ready to have it all end?

A smile can change everything.


I know that in my deepest moments of depression a smile would make me wish that I could be that happy, but deep inside it made me feel a glimmer of joy, and if not that then at least it didn’t confirm the thought I already had about myself.

A rude gesture or look can go further than you know, so can a smile.

You don’t know what’s going on in their lives.

I wrote this in a very sad time for me and many others.  I didn’t know them personally, but in a small town like mine everyone is a friend of a friend.  Many people were confused as to why it grieved me so much cause I was not emotionally connected to them, but still I tear up at the simple thought.  This person committed suicide.  I’ve been down the road of depression and un-like many I came back.  During that time a smile could change everything and a loving gesture could be the whole difference.

I can’t help, but ask myself, what if I would have been able to reach out?  What if I could have been there for them?  Why didn’t someone smile at them or reach out?  Could anyone have helped?

Every word you say, everything you do, reflects who you are.  Who are you?  Are you the one who changed the world with a smile or the one who put someone down with a frown?

I just had a thought come to mind!  Sometimes people will ask me why I smile so much some days.  If you’ve ever asked me that or thought that I hope this is a good answer for you.