My darling you’ve forgotten to dream
My darling please don’t forget

Dreams are what keep you young inside
And sometimes what keeps you alive

Too young, too old, too sick, too scared
But, you’re never “too something” to dream again

Dream you’re on a stage in front of millions, but there isn’t an ounce of fear
Dream you’re walking on the moon or swimming in the sea
Whatever it may be…..
Please don’t forget to dream

Dreams and love are not just made for the young
For love is what we strive for and dreams we try to find
But what if you just turn around or look right inside?

There I know you’ll find a dream
Pouring from your heart begging you to believe

I’ve dreamed of flying to the farthest country
To lands that have never heard God’s name
Holding a child with no home and saying you’ve been chosen
Meeting the ones who inspire my heart
Grasping for just a moment, how marvelous God is
And this is just the start of the places my heart may lead…

Won’t you dream too?
No dream to big, just minds to small, to dream the dreams you’ve been called to dream
So, please don’t forget to dream…