The New Year is here! I’ve decided to jump in full force. No looking back, unless it’s on a lesson I learned that made me stronger.  I’m going to praise God in the morning, because he didn’t forget to wake me.  I’ll thank God for the happy times that I know will come and I’ll choose to thank God for the trials that will come too, cause I know in my heart that they will make me stronger in the end.  I am going to choose to listen to His voice and be an obedient disciple.  I will not become what the world sees as a a normal teenager.  I will stand up for what I belive and encourage others to do the same.  I will do what God says even if it’s hard.  I know I will slip, I am human, but I will not let that become the excuse for my actions.

Last year’s motto was “no matter what keep going” and this year I will add to that saying to myself “No matter what keep going.  Do all things according to God’s will and be fearless”

One of my favorite songs and it also goes along with how I’m feeling about this year 🙂

click the link to watch- I’m Letting Go