An original song by dyslexic chic

I Miss You…

Ohh how I miss you

How I miss your smile

How I miss you loving, warming, touch

How I wish that you could still be here with me, but now I know you’re somewhere better

Where you’ve got the feet of angels and you’ve still got your loving warming smile

You’re beautiful like a sweet, sweet song being sung

You voice is like the waves of the ocean and the sound of the wind through trees

You made me smile every time I looked into your eyes

I still cry sometimes when I think of you, but I know you wouldn’t want it to be that way

So, I’ll be alright and I’ll see you soon

Like a snap with your fingers and I’ll be there, I’ll be there with you

Ohh, how I miss you, how I miss you smile

I wrote this song after my Grandma passed away.  Lately I have found myself singing this song more and more as a way to comfort myself.  For some reason it feels like she passed away yesterday this Christmas.

In honor of my Grandma this year, my whole family has contributed money to a fund to send a wheel chair and a Bible to a person in need through an organization called “Wheels for The World”.   My Grandma lived most of her life in a wheel chair, but she always worked around the problem and made it possible to play with us grand-kids even if it was harder for her than it is for most people.

If you would like to donate to wheels around the world in honor of a loved one or simply learn more about it you can click the link and it will take you to the website.


Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas………:)

G (16)

Grandma and her first four grandaughters!