It doesn’t always feel like there’s a reason to smile.  On days like that you just have to look for the little things, like an autumn breeze, when a leaf falls from a tree right in front of your face, a warm blanket, laughing with an old friend, live music, family photos, your favorite pen, a hug from someone you love, a small item that brings back big memories, a good joke, a true smile, a good book, a quote that touches your heart, a strong gust of wind, the way the air smells after it rains, a Bible verse that’s there when you need it most.  Let the little things take you and make you smile!  The simplest things are the things that make you happiest.  Sadly, we can’t live our whole lives in the happiest place on earth…….Disneyland LOL!  So, try to find the small stuff that can pass us by so easily.

For quite some time after I got out of the hospital I couldn’t find a reason to smile, but there is always a reason to smile.  You’re alive aren’t you?  Isn’t that reason enough to smile?   If you can smile simply because your alive, then you’ll find a joy fills you inside, a joy you can’t contain.  So, no matter what……. 🙂