True friends are the ones that never leave you through the thick and thin, they don’t make fun of you, and love you for you. You shouldn’t have to act like someone you’re not around your friends or put on a fake smile!

It took me a long time to find out who my true friends are, in fact I didn’t find out who my true friends are untill about two years ago. I had just got out of the hospital and I couldn’t really do anything, except sit there. A lot of people I called friends left me. Some left me, because I wasn’t “cool” enough for them anymore or because I had changed so much. I no longer loved sports, I started reading and I LIKED IT (even though it’s really hard for me)!!! I had become a totally different person, which probably freaked some people out. I was depressed and I didn’t get it, I was gonna get better really soon and go back to the bouncy athletic girl I was. so, why would they leave?

In the midst of my confusion, sadness and extreme physical pain one of my TRUE friends called and basically said “I know you can’t do much and I understand if it’s too much for you right now, but I would love to see you!  Maybe we could watch a movie and I could show you how to croquet for a little while”. While sitting in bed watching “I love Lucy” with my true friend I realized what It means to be a true friend and to have one!

My true friends aren’t what the world perceives as “cool” (cool is so over rated), they aren’t the same age as me (in-fact they range between the ages of 2 to 90), we don’t have everything in common, but we can be our selves around each other, we love each other and will never leave each other through the thick and thin!

     “If people don’t like you for the real you, then that’s just because they have issues. We can only impress so many people, we can only have so many people love us. So just try to be your self!” – Jamie Grace. This quote is from one of her TeensWts videos on You tube. Jamie grace is my biggest inspiration! I encourage you to look her up on You tube!

     Don’t forget to be yourself and tell you best friends how much they mean to you………..:)